Final Rites Kit

Final Rites Kit

Situation Today

Today in India (even in cities like Mumbai), whenever someone passes away, the typical scenario is needlessly chaotic – family members of the departed are scrambling around, some to visit the crematorium, others looking for bamboo and various ingredients that are needed for the final rites ceremony. Some of these ingredients are usually purchased from a small flower shop outside the crematoria where the bamboos are usually lying in a gutter behind the shop, or on the pavement in rains. The shops are small and have cockroaches, rats etc. in them. The products are of substandard quality, usually stinking and infested with insects. These shops are usually closed at night and folks usually have to visit multiple locations to gather most of the ingredients.

After that, the friends and family get together to try and construct a stretcher by rope and bamboo poles by hand. With rising nuclear families, migration and not enough elders around, not everyone knows how to build a bamboo stretcher (there are documented cases of bodies falling etc.), nor what the various ingredients needed are and how they need to be used. This results in more chaos at such a traumatic time.

Inevitably, we end up bidding the final goodbye to the departed in a very undignified, uncomfortable and stressful manner.

Sarvapooja’s Final Rites Kit

Sarvapooja has invented the world’s first portable 100% bamboo only stretcher. Mindful of religious sensitivities, this stretcher has no metal, alloys, plastics or synthetics. This stretcher, along with 35+ other ingredients (2 matkas, white cloth, shawl, chatai, gangajal, gaumutra, chandkan lakdi etc.) is now available in a packaged kit. This standard kit is applicable to multiple castes within Hindus, Jains, Sikhs etc.

By the end of 2019, Sarvapooja's अंतिम सेवा kit has been used by over 7,500 Indian families to wish a dignified final farewell to their loved ones.