Sarvapooja Satyanarayan Kit


Satyanarayan Pooja kit.

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Sarvapooja presents Satyanarayan Pooja kit. This kit is used specifically during satyanarayan pooja it is a religious worship of hindu god Vishnu. Ingrediends:Whole Tumeric,Turmeric Powder,Gulal,, Kumkum, Black Abir,White Abir, Agarbatti ,Perfume, Honey, Gaumutra, Camphor, Dhoop, Dried Coconut Halves, White Cloth, Bettel Nuts, Cotton Wicks,Cotton, Janoi, Nadda Chaddi, Shringar,Blouse piece, Match box,Akshata,Red Cloth,Rangoli

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Weight .480 kg
Dimensions 28 × 4 × 20 cm


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